Debt Management and Debt Reduction Tips

Lots of people have a hard time keeping on top of their many financial commitments. Because of this they find themselves short of cash while they still have a few days or a week or more until their next Salary day. KADKI is here to help you and we have created a marketplace that will give you the best help possible. However, many people every year get themselves stuck in a cycle of debt by using cash advance or short-term loans. KADKI should be used as a very short term loan to help you get out of your debt problem and make it to your next Salary day. You should never use a KADKI loan to reduce debt or manage existing debt or as an ongoing source of credit. There are many debt management services that can be found on the internet and through local media outlets that can help you learn to eliminate debt. While we do not specifically endorse any particular debt management plan at this time we encourage you to seek advice or organizations that can help you with a debt management program. Please read and understand the information in links below before applying for and using a KADKI loan.

Do You Have Debt Problems?

If you answered yes to the question above you are no different than millions of other Indians. The credit crisis we have experienced in our country and throughout the world is largely as a result of people and organizations taking on too much debt. KADKI does not want you to be in debt! We are here to help you when you most need it, but you should not look to us for long term cash flow.

Getting out of debt?

There are many ways to help get yourself out of debt. You can create a budget to control what you are spending money on. You can call and talk to your creditors to see if maybe you can work out a payment plan with them. Don't wait around for something to change, you must be proactive and work to get yourself out of debt. Can you not afford to payback your KADKI loan on time? KADKI has created a system where you can build a reputation by paying back your loans on time. If you know that your checking account is not going to have enough money in it when your loan is due PLEASE CONTACT US. We will work with you to create a payment plan that will help you pay off the loan. If you ignore the situation it will only get worse.

How to select the right loan for you?

Is a KADKI Loan Right for You? KADKI Loans are loans to be used for 31 days or less. Before you apply for a loan make sure this is what you are looking for. There are many different types of loans for all types of situations. If you want to get a loan to buy a car you wouldn't' take out a short-term loan, you want a fixed rate loan for 3-5 years. For a house you want the lowest rate you can get and it will most likely be for 15-30 years. Just make sure that when you take out a KADKI loan that you are looking for a loan to fill a very short term cash need and that you can pay it back on your next Salary Day.

Check out alternatives

If you are in need of longer term financing, or if you find yourself in the same tight spot month after month you may want to consider alternative loans. If you are a home owner you may qualify for a long term home equity loan. Maybe you have friends or family members that can afford to give you a longer term loan. The options are many and KADKI wants to make sure you are choosing the right one for you.

Make sure you can afford the loan!

It is very important to us and you that you evaluate your financial situation before taking out a KADKI loan. Please look at the income you having coming in the next month and the bills you need to pay and determine before taking the loan that you can pay it back.

Understand the loan

KADKI makes every effort to give you all of the details about your loan that you will need to make an informed decision. Do not apply for or use a KADKI loan unless you understand all of the details. Before accepting a KADKI loan you will be given disclosures and a loan agreement or contract. Make sure you read and understand it carefully before accepting it and agreeing to the loan.